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Charlene is absolutely wonderful!!!! She really knows her stuff. She is fabulous at helping to find the perfect frame for our glasses. She is so personable and soooooo extremely helpful in every aspect.

- Jackie C.



Being introduced to ortho-k was a very important moment in my life. I am able to do many more things that seemed difficult to do while wearing glasses. Going on roller coasters and doing sports wouldn't be difficult with the glasses but with ortho-k I don't have to worry about my glasses breaking in a game or losing my glasses at the amusement park again. I was dependent on my glasses for a very long time and when I lost or broke my glasses I would go into a panic. Ever since I have started to use ortho-k, I no longer have that worry. I would like to thank you for the lenses, and I would definitely recommend the Family Vision Center to others. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

- Maricah A.



Family Vision Center has been my eye care center for over 10 years and from the first time I walked into their office, they have always given me the exact prescriptions I needed. Not only have I received great eye care but I have always received personable service from both Dr.Friedman and Charlene. It never mattered whether I was getting fitted for glasses, contacts, transitional glasses/contacts or now my new Ortho-K nightly wear contact lenses, they always took their time examining my eyes to determine the right prescription for me. In this day and age where doctors now contact their patients by email, never-the-less speak to you, the personable core-allowing for the building of trust received at Family Vision Center is exceptionally refreshing. I highly recommend Family Vision Center to my family and friends.

- Linda S.



Dr.Friedman is very brilliant professional eye doctor,I am extremely satisfied his way of examination and explains giving details of examination results,and answer every question we ask, I sincerely recommend this doctor for any eye care problems.

- Sampath G.

William & Eileen


Dr. Friedman's eye exams are extremely thorough and done with the patient's comfort in mind. Never feeling rushed, the doctor always takes his time to make sure any questions that may arise are fully answered. No one knows more about eyeware than Charlene. She will always make sure that you look good in your selection of frames and that a proper fit has been achieved. Clearly, she is wonderful to work with!!

- William and Eileen S.



My vision was horrible before ortho-k. Before I started, my vision was -4.00 in my right eye and -3.50 in my left eye. My glasses prescription kept going up every year. After I started ortho-k, in a couple of days, I had almost perfect vision. In about a week my vision was back to where it was supposed to be. Thank you Dr. Friedman and Family Vision Center for returning my vision back to normal. I Love seeing the world clearly without glasses. I would highly recommend ortho-k to kids that want to see clearly without glasses or contacts. Thank you so much!

- Shruthi T.



Since I was a kid I wore glasses. I couldent have fun in pools, lakes, parks, and beaches because i couldent see clearly. Now I use Ortho K and I can see and enjoy these places. Thank you Dr Friedman my vision got soo much better. I recommend ORTHO K.. Thanks Dr.

- Kathya O.



I would like to thank Dr. Friedman and especially JoAnn (his assistant) who volunteered her time to help me try contact lenses. I was able to come to JoAnn on my lunch hour during the week following my examination. Although I feel at this time contact lenses are not my choice, both Dr. Friedman and JoAnn have offered their time to help me with lenses if I should like to try at another time. I found my association with this office to be very comforting and I am happy to continue trusting my eye care to these capable professionals.

- Linda L.



I have visited Dr.Friedman twice and it's a great experience. Reasons are many. A few I would like to share for others : 1. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything clearly regarding specific issues. 2. He was not rushing to finish as many cases as possible; Very patient and answers all our questions. 3. He and the front-desk ladies are very helpful when we have any issues with Billing etc. I strongly support Dr.Friedman for all eye-care related issues.

- Raghavan N.



Dr. Friedman was very patient in explaining the different options for correcting both my son and my own vision. He took the time to fully explain everything, including finding the best insurance option. Charlene is so friendly. She completely put myself and my son at ease when teaching us how to use contacts. She gave honest advice about frames and I am happy with the choice she helped me make. The staff gives wonderfully personal service. I like that when I enter the office, I am recognized - I am not just a number.

- Suzanne C.



I had scheduled to see Dr. Friedman after hearing about Ortho-K. I had decided on this option instead of going with a new eyeglass prescription. I am really thrilled with the results of Ortho-K. I can see better now than I have in many years. I would highly recommend Dr. Friedman for anyone's eyecare needs.

- Brian D.



I was very happy with Dr. Friedman's treatment, and I love my glasses. Dr. Friedman is going to be our permanent physician.

- Ellen P.



Dr. Friedman and Charlene are both extremely helpful in assisting my family with their eyewear needs. Charlene will look into any questions that you have and will assist you no matter what. Dr. Friedman is conscientious and helps each of my family members with their varied needs. Our experience with the Family Vision Center has been excellent!

- Maryanne C.



Dr. Friedman is one of the most wonderful eye doctors ever! He makes things easier by giving his patients the most suitable plans and the most friendly services. I feel so satisfied with my glasses and contact lenses. Thanks to Dr.Friedman and his staff!! More success & More blessings.

- Laura G.



People calling or walking into Family Vision Center are fortunate to be greeted by Charlene because she treats them with respect. Charlene has often explained things to me in a thorough and detailed manner. In fact one of her strongest skills, although I am sure she has many others, is that she is a great communicator. She never rushes you out or away, despite being very busy. She actually wants to be sure that you really understand and that you go away pleased. She also has fantastic recall of past customer history which I believe is something people appreciate. At any rate I am writing this commendation of Charlene because she is far and away superior to most office managers, receptionists, executive assistants and, in fact, supervisors, in any profession that I have encountered. She is very, very good in her field but I\'m sure, given her skills, she would have been equally successful in any area that she chose to go into




I want to thank you for the outstanding service that my family and I have received over the past few years. Your exams were very thorough and not rushed. You gave us your utmost attention. I also want to thank Charlene for her wonderful service as well. She went out of her way to help us with insurance, scheduling appointments and getting our prescriptions on time. Her sense of style in helping us choose glasses and pleasant personality made her easy to deal with. Thank you again for your terrific service. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and co-workers.

- Lisa F.



I couldn't wear contacts before, but they were able to fit me with hard lenses and now I wear contacts

- Ernestine K.

Qi, Wei & Bing


We all got help from Charlene to find the right and good frame, very satisfied. They were not only look good but also with light weight. Dr Friedman is also very good, patient and explained very well. He even know Chinese words! Thanks from my whole family!

- Qi & Wei O. and Bing L.



Charlene went 'beyond the call of duty' in finding out the specifics on my insurance coverage. I didn't have it when I thought I did 🙁

- J. O.



I have allergies and dry eyes which don't make me a good candidate for eye surgery. Contact lenses are not comfortable, and I was always stuck wearing glasses. Dr. Friedman introduced me to Paragon CRT (ortho-k) last year, and I have been so happy. I put on my contacts at night, and when I wake up I can see perfectly without having to wear contacts or glasses. It's a miracle! I wish I had discovered this earlier. I have moved out of state and continue to visit Dr. Friedman to continue to give me the same exceptional care. Thank you Dr. Friedman!! 🙂

- Denisse R.



I had glasses since I was 5 years.My vision was the worst. I had -7.25 vision. Then I tried Ortho-K. It helped my vision so much. At first it was hard and bothering because my vision was horrible, but in a week it was amazing. i could see perfectly. I was amazed how well it worked. I would definitely recommend Ortho-K to anyone who wants to see perfectly. Thank You So Much Dr. Friedman!

- Kaitlyn M.



I've been wearing glasses for years but there were times, especially when I was doing something active, that they got in the way. Contacts were uncomfortable. Ortho K lenses are the perfect solution.  I only need to wear them every other night and can see perfectly during the day.  I do need to use reading glasses for close up but I'm okay with that if I can go glasses and contacts-free for the rest of the time.

- Susan H.



Ortho-k lenses are incredible! I have been using the lenses for two years without any problems, and I can see perfectly. I enjoy the freedom that not having to wear lenses during the day brings. I admit I was skeptical about being able to wear the lenses every other day, given my particular prescription. It turns out I can wear the lenses every three days and still see well. Who knew?!

- Paul B.



When I ordered a pair of glasses and realized I didn't like how they looked on my face, Dr. Friedman let me order a new pair and return the old ones (at no charge). Thanks to Dr. Friedman, I don't have to settle for something less than perfect!

- Nicole S.
rivera family

Rivera Family


My two children, my husband, and I have been coming to Dr. Friedman for 4 years now. Everyone is and has always been so great to us. Frome phone calls to in office service. Dr, Friedman and his staff are just great. We trust Dr. Friedman with our valueable eyes and we are so glad we found him. PS. A clean and up kept office with great equipment makes it even that more refreshing! Thank yo Dr. Friedman and Staff! -Rivera Family.

- The Rivera Family



My name is Leora. I am 7 years old and in the 2nd grade at Adamsville School. I used to wear glasses part-time and didn't like it. Dr. Friedman suggested night time lenses. I wear the lenses at night and go to sleep. It bothered me at first cause the left lens would flutter around like a butterfly in a meadow, but not anymore. I think the lenses are cool cause I can see better in my classroom and I can swim, skip, play tennis, hang upside down on the monkey bars and don't have to worry about the silly glasses anymore:o)

- Leora M.



I am very happy that I do not have to wear eyeglasses anymore. I only have to wear the Ortho-K lenses when I sleep. Dr. Friedman spent the time to explain to me about Ortho-K. Thank you.

- Jason P.



I have been using the night time lenses for about a year. I like them because I don't have to wear contacts or glasses during the day. They are alot better than regular contacts since I don't have to worry about them feeling uncomfortable during the day. Another reason I like them is even if I miss a night, I can still see pretty well the next day.

- Alex C.



Before Ortho-k I had to use regular contacts which were such a hassle. Just rubbing my eyes would cause my contacts to fall out, and I always had to carry extra lenses and solution with me everywhere. Now I have near perfect vision every day for all day. When I play volleyball, I dont have to worry about it falling out or ripping, leaving me unable to see and play. Ortho-k is life changing and so easy to use. I love my new ability to see without the aid of contacts during the day, and the effects last impressively long. I would recommend ortho-k to anybody.

- Terry L.



Before, for every activity I did I had to wear glasses or sport glasses. It was frustrating to bring my glasses everywhere I went. However, after using ortho-k I'm glasses free! My first week was very annoying, especially with putting on the lenses. But after that first week everything felt like second nature, and it was amazing. I've been using the lenses for four months and every day has been great. Thanks so much Dr Friedman for introducing ortho-k to me!

- Alex W



As a kid, I know first hand that having glasses isn't the easiest thing. Thre's the usual namecalling and responsibility of knowing where your glasses are. Then a year ago I heard of these contacts, "Ortho-k." At first I was skeptical, I mean these contacts are supposed to correct my very horrible vision? How could that be possible? But it was. I also play a sport, and it makes it so much easier. Before I wore my glasses under my protective eye gear but I don't have to wear anything. Yay! Oh, yeah and now I don't have to worry about losing my glasses or breaking them (and I don't have to worry about teachers yelling at me, like my old Spanish teacher. These lenses are great, and I'd recommend them to anyone with horrible vision like me.

- Lizann S.



I think my experience with Dr. Friedman was excellent! At first, when Dr. Friedman was explaining to me how the ortho-k lenses work, he was very patient and explained everything so clearly that I could understand it very well. It took me 2 weeks to get used to them. It's been 7 months that I've used the lenses and putting them in and taking them out are so much easier now. When I do my favorite activities I don't have to wear glasses and I can see very well. I would highly recommend Dr. Friedman to anyone who needs ortho-k lenses.

- Julia M.



We were interested in the Ortho-K for our daughters. We talked to a couple of other Ortho-K centers prior to visiting Dr Freedman's office and we chose Dr Freedman because of his in-depth knowledge and confidence about the effectiveness of the treatment for our kids. Dr Freedman spent enough time with us and went over the Ortho-K procedure. He answered all our questions, addressed our concerns and assured us that he will be able help our kids. Since we started the treatment he has been very helpful in working with our kids for selecting the right treatment. He knowledge, latest instruments and willingness to help has made us feel very happy that we chose Dr Freedman for the eye care of the whole family.

- Mamta A.



My eyeglasses have been a part of me ever since elementary school. Eventually my eyeglasses became a bother to me and they just got in the way. Also, my glasses had to be upgraded every year since my vision got worse. When I learned about the ortho-k lenses, I wanted to give them a try so I got them early April. Ever since then, my vision has been perfect every day and I don't need to worry about my glasses any longer. Who knew that wearing lenses overnight could be such a benefit for me? Ortho-k lenses are VERY easy and I highly recommend it. Why don't you give it a try? I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

- Precious M - Student



I practically couldn't see because I suffered from dry eyes. I went to lots of doctors, but they didn't achieve much. I kept going back every week or every other week. But Dr. Friedman, he really did it! Thanks to him and thanks to God my eyes feel so well now. I live happily, and I can work.

- Georgina P.



Before ortho-k my vision was horrible... 20/20 vision is awesome! I thought I'd never have vision like this ever, and thanks to my doctor and ortho-k I see great now.

- Jonas S.



I struggled wearing glasses so Dr, Friedman suggested that I should wear ortho k lenses. The first night i wore the lens it bothered me, but the day after i started to get used to it. The lens helped me to see the board at school and play sports that i like such as football, baseball, and basketball. Thank you dr friedman for introducing me to ortho k because now i can see without glasses!

- Drake C.



Prior to Ortho-K, my eyesight was gradually worsening. Every 6 months, my glasses needed to be replaced with a stronger prescription, and my eye muscles felt strained every time I had to put them on. After learning about these special contact lenses, my life has turned for the better. Ortho-K provides little to none pain in return for huge benefits. My eyesight has begun to improve after constant use of these lenses, and I can barely feel the lenses after applying them and going to sleep. Thank you Dr. Friedman and the Family Vision Center for helping me get my eyesight back to where it used to be!

- Zachary L.